My name is David Laietta, and I do WordPress and other fun things.

I want to work with a WordPress Development company. I am invested in the WordPress community and want to further my involvement. Here’s a bit of what I do:

  • I have worked as a WordPress Developer in a professional capacity for about four years.
  • I co-organize the Orlando WordPress Meetup
  • I also co-organized WordCamp Orlando 2012. After the past few that I’ve been to I have even bigger ideas for 2013.
  • Last month I spoke at WordCamp Atlanta, as well as the WordCamp Miami Beginner Track. I also volunteered at Miami throughout the two weekends.
  • I teach users to get started with WordPress to build their websites and answer support tickets at Learn Web Development. We use Zendesk and I currently teach about five live classes a month and answer 20-30 support tickets in the morning each day.
  • So far I have two plugins in the repository. Now that I’ve gotten started with that, I’ve got a few more going in for approval.
  • Beyond teaching and answering support tickets I build custom WordPress themes for clients. I even have my own theme framework that I plan on releasing publicly. It’s powering all of my personal sites, including this one!

My life does seem like it’s pretty much WordPress, but I swear that I do other stuff too.

  • I live in Orlando, and I have a bachelor’s degree in Archaeology from the University of Central Florida. I also studied a bit of linguistics, which probably is why coding language syntax interests me as much as spoken language syntax
  • I left my last day job as a web developer to work on some personal projects as well as my teaching/speaking skills. I work from home with my roommate, who is a writer and also works from home.
  • Between the two of us we have two dogs and four cats. There is never a dull moment in this house!
  • I’m an alumnus of Alpha Phi Omega, the world’s largest co-ed fraternity, which focuses on community service. I still regularly attend events at the campus, even if I’m now one of the old-timers to them.
  • I’m a bit of a retro gaming nerd. I collect boxed games and consoles from the N64 era and earlier. Sometimes I even play them.
  • I read prodigiously. Even though most of my reading has switched to blogs and long-form articles, I still get through a couple of novels and non-fiction books a month. My preferences are generally sci-fi, adventure, culture and history.
  • I love to run. It definitely perks up the day and relaxes me. I usually do about 20 miles a week and have competed in a few half-marathons and foolishly attempted the Disney Marathon last year. My time wasn’t entirely embarrassing, but I have a bit of work to do.
  • I’m constantly on a quest for new and better ways to consume coffee. I pick up my beans from a local roaster and grind them at home whether I’m in the mood for Aeropress, french press, cold brew or standard drip. If you’ve got any good coffee tips, my taste buds are ready!

That’s all probably more than you ever cared to know about me. Here’s the important stuff, like why I want to work with you, and more importantly how to contact me.

  • Developing custom themes is one of my favorite things to do, from constructing PHP to making beautiful layouts with CSS.
  • I love helping others, with computers or otherwise.
  • I have experience with online and in-person WordPress support.
  • Every teaching moment is a learning experience for me. I love to learn!
  • You can reach me via email at david@davidwolfpaw.com or by phone at 321 331 2733.
  • Vizify is pretty nifty, and it has my career/education history, as well as other fun stuff, like places that I’ve lived and more.
  • I do have a regular resume too if you want that.


If you’ve made it this far, thank you so much!