This Week in Web #43

If Diamonds Are Forever, Your Data Could Be, Too

Joanna Klein, NYT

There’s a lot of discussion about archiving the web, and the problems that arise from link-rot. Maybe diamonds are the answer? Scientists have been experimenting with storing data in diamonds, and are currently able to store about 100 DVDs worth of information into a synthetic diamond half the size of a grain of rice. Soon, they say, they’ll be able to store even more into a smaller space, while making diamonds even cheaper.

Iceland Pirate Party leaders photographed in 2014. Via Day Donaldson
Iceland Pirate Party leaders photographed in 2014. Via Day Donaldson

Iceland election could propel radical Pirate party into power

Jon Henley and Luke Harding, The Guardian

Moving to Iceland is looking like a better proposition by the day. This weekend they hold their first parliamentary election after the resignation of former Prime Minister Sigmundur Davið Gunnlaugsson earlier this year, after his ties to offshore bank accounts were revealed in the Panama Papers. Polls are showing it as not that far-fetched that the Pirate Party could win a plurality of seats, allowing them to lead the charge to form a new government. Protection for whistleblowers, a commitment to transparency, voter-backed referendums? Yes please.

Web devs want to make the Internet of S**t worse. Much worse

Richard Chirgwin, The Register

The Register has made it clear what they think of The Internet of Things, often calling it The Internet of Shit in their articles. The W3C Web Bluetooth API is currently in their crosshairs, as it’s understandable that allowing websites and browsers to manage Bluetooth devices is totally not a terrible idea in general.

Important News about Vine

Vine, Medium

Vine is shutting down. Twitter isn’t having any problems at all with their main service, and it’s only the The site will stay up indefinitely, so you can still watch some of your favorite vines, but you can also download yours to ensure that they aren’t deleted. Or you can read an analysis of one of the greatest Vines of all time.

Don’t fret too much. It looks like the founders of Vine are ready to hype their next project, a way to broadcast video on the internet (like Fine?), Hype.

Dan Kaminsky calls for a few good hackers to secure the web

Iain Thomson, The Register

With all of the hacks going on, the work of Dan Kaminsky and his coworkers at White Ops is welcome and overdue. Check out Dan’s Github page to see what is being worked on and how people can jump in and help.

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