Stumbling Already… Sounds About Right

Yes, I have to admit, I already have a bit of a problem with my first month of challenges. Even giving myself foods that I can eat, it turns out the temptations of processed cheese were a bit too much for me yesterday.

Mario Mac and CheeseSomeone who will not be named was telling me that he didn’t want to be the cause of my slipping up on the month of veganism, while at the same time cooking homemade whole wheat macaroni and cheese, and proclaiming what a great cook he is. It was after everything was done and “Jurassic Park” was rolling that we began to eat, he the macaroni and cheese, and myself pretty much half the snacks in the apartment. It was only after he was near done with his plate that I decided that I had to have some. And it was delicious. And I don’t really regret it.

I figure that it is a personal thing; that I am working on trying more foods and using the constraint to think differently about what I put into my body. It is not an exercise in deprivation, but in broadening of scope. Considering the last time that I had homemade macaroni and cheese was at least a year ago, I am alright with experiencing it (and it was delicious). Future challenges will involve more broadening of scope, like maybe baking vegan cupcakes that taste more like cake than cornbread, or trying to eat something different each day. Maybe it’s me rationalizing, but I’m thinking that as a personal improvement challenge, I’ll get it off my chest now that I won’t beat myself up about it, and figure that if anyone else does, they have a different idea of what it is that I’m trying to do.


By the way, it was Daniel. Totally Daniel.

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  1. I thought it was Mario from the pic. And it must’ve been really delicious if you had to say “and it was delicious” twice 😛

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