Sometimes You Have to Let a Project Rest

Yesterday I wrote about my starter child theme For Genesis, and said that today’s post would both be earlier, and cover a code generator.

As you can probably tell by the time of posting, I didn’t keep that first promise, and I think I’d prefer not to keep the second promise either.

It’s not that I don’t want to show off this code, tell you how it saves me time, and make it available for your use, since I do. But I realized yesterday that there’s a lot of cleanup that I want to do to both my starter theme and the theme generator.

I spent a fair portion of my downtime today updating my starter child theme, and making some modifications to my development toolset. I’ll have to talk about that sometime too, since things that I assumed would be simple ended up taking far longer than intended.

Why it’s OK to Delay

Because it’s my excuse for not getting something done. ????

Ok, that’s not quite fair. True, I have given myself some extra time, but I also realized that I needed to step away a bit, and look at this with fresh eyes. An issue that I was having with a build tool earlier came down to it referencing an incorrect folder, pulling the wrong version of a file. A lot of dev work comes down to these simple mistakes, where you’re sure that everything looks like it’s supposed to, but something minor slips by.

In taking a bit of time to rest, you let yourself view a project fresh when you return, which can often lead to spotting things that you missed before due to carelessness, or more likely over-exertion. Those things that were in your blind spots are suddenly lit up, making you wonder why you wasted hours in the first place.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m taking some of my weekend to clean up some personal code because I want to deliver something that has fewer bugs, and is more in-line with the quality that I want to put out.

I’ll save those posts for next week most likely, since I figure work related things are more likely to be interesting on weekdays. In the meantime, have a good weekend!

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