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Returning to Writing with Reviews

I make a variety of pledges to myself every year, and one that consistently comes up is to write more. Not that Tweets, emails, instructions, and comments aren’t writing, but they aren’t the standalone pieces that I want to use as a catalogue of experiences.

Looking back on the year, I published a grand total of four posts on this site, with three of them devoted to tutorials around talks that I’d given. Basically the types of things that I felt more urged on to create than I personally wanted to get up and out there. This is something that I want to change, and have identified as a main focus for next year across the sites that I maintain, as opposed to an “it’ll be nice if I do it” type of promise.

I’m starting out with an overview of the books that I’ve read so far this year to try to distill some lessons or at least review whether I think they are worth sharing with others. I am still not great at stopping books if I don’t enjoy them halfway through, though I’ve gotten better at that this year. That still means that I’ll have some to talk about just to say that overall I wouldn’t read them again.

I’m going to split the books up over five days. I’ll try to make some connection between them, though each book has difference in tone and quality. If you want to get some book recommendations, come back next week and I’ll follow this schedule:

  • Monday – Business Tactics
  • Tuesday – Culture and Politics
  • Wednesday – Fiction
  • Thursday – Biography
  • Friday – Technology

I'm always looking for recommendations too, so if you have any books that you think I should read, leave a comment or send me a Tweet. I have to get started on my 2018 reading list soon!

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