Get a life!

How I’ve gotta get a life

Get a LifeI am a horrible procrastinator, something that I can freely admit. This used to be a badge that I wore with pride, but now I feel is more a source of shame and a mark of sloth. I get embarrassed when looking at how little I accomplish with my free time, and spend more time than I care to admit aimlessly surfing the web. I recently installed leechblock on firefox to help stop myself from visiting time-wasting sites during the day, but while sick this week found myself scaling back and then just turning it off.

I have made and broken many promises to myself, but maybe I’ll be able to keep a few if I set quantifiable goals. I am greatly inspired by Google’s Matt Cutts, who does regular self-tests on himself, such as his 30-day challenges.  I have decided to blindly sheep along with him and try some out myself. Seeing as it is near the end of the month, I’m allowing another week of “preparation” (read: extra slack time) before putting this plan into action. I already have a few ideas lined up, but there are plenty of months to fill if it works out, so I’ll just start with a few for this one. My ideas for the next month are:


-Writing at least one thing that made me happy each day

-Doing at least one sketch each day

-Going the entire month vegan


I have various reasons why I chose these three things, which I’ll end up going over when I start, but this is basically my promise to you, internet, that I will make some minor goals with a set timeline and make myself complete something for once in my life.

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  1. Hey David ,

    Don’t get discouraged, we all go though those sloth days, but sometimes its going through those days and come out of them do we really accomplish alot. so i feel that you will be able to keep these promises to you. and they will become so simple.
    I do like the part where you are going to write one thing that made you happy each day. For we all need to look at things in a positive perspective at times, even when the sky seems so dark .
    Take care my friend,

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