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2019 Blog Focus – Sharing Tips and Resources

Back in May I did a little challenge where I tried publishing a new post every day, without a specific theme. While I barely scraped by in completing the month, I was able to keep a commitment to myself, one which a lot of bloggers try for: some form of consistency.

Kicking off the month of blogging challenge

That went alright, but it also felt like a chore at times. I focused so much on crafting the perfect posts last year that most of them came out far less than that. I also have plenty of posts here that are specifically about posting more, something not uncommon on personal blogs.

A New Goal for 2019

This year I’m going to get a bit more ambitious with my blogging goal. I’m going to focus on sharing more tips and resources.

I usually get to the point of thinking that anything technical or educational should go on a business blog, so that I can start pushing traffic there. While I still want to do that (the FixUpFox blog could certainly use some love this year), I don’t want it to get in the way of actually producing content.

Sharing knowledge has always been one of my favorite activities. Projects may come and go, but the ability to show someone the cool thing that I learned which could potentially save them hours or hundreds of dollars for their sites is always fulfilling.

In that spirit, I intend on sharing a small tip, code snippet, or cool resource on as many weekdays as I can manage this year. My goal is going to be every non-holiday weekday of the year, but even half of that goal would be a tremendous amount of new content on the site.

I’m not sure how well I’ll do, but I know that there’s more than enough content available to share. I’ll try to make the posts as concise as possible, without removing any important context for the tips that I share. I regularly search for how to do things while working, and it can be a challenge to find resources that both have the answer that I need, as well as an explanation on how and why to use it.

Blogging Accountability Group

One thing that I hope will help both myself and others is the blogging accountability group that I’m starting through the WordPress Orlando Meetup.

I’ve setup a page to signup on our site, as well as a channel in our Slack team so that participants can encourage one another, keep each other accountable, and offer advice whenever anyone has a question.

Join us if you want to make yourself blog more like me!

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