I mentioned in my last post that I’ve got a few new things that I’m working on to keep myself busy into the new year, and to revitalize my work. While I’m not generally a fan of new year resolutions, as I see it more of a procrastination strategy (something that I’m intimately familiar with), I do like to compartmentalize and to give myself reasoning for my actions. All of the obvious resolutions are on my list (eat healthier/cook more/eat out less, save more money/time/orphaned penguins, etc) but I’m also trying to push myself into a few new directions.

I’ve always wanted to do more writing, and the only thing that is holding me back is me. I enjoy the act, until I have that moment that I have no idea what I want to write about. Then I stare at the blank screen, screaming inwardly “You have a notebook with hundreds of ideas in it! Grab one and go!”, meanwhile opening up a new tab to check in on all of the important articles being written by more dedicated people and being shared on Twitter. Let’s change that this year and start being a bit more wordy, shall we? With that said, I’m transitioning davidwolfpaw.com to become more of a personal journal, while shifting any business or technical writing that I want to do to the company site.

Speaking of the company site, I’ve partnered with two friends and talented individuals this year to try to birth some new products into the world and revitalize my personal consulting and service business. Josh Shashaty and Mark Bunker are excellent developers and designers, respectively, and have agreed to team up with me to deliver on the awesome. Resurfacing of all of that stuff that I’ve been hinting, as well as a rebranding of both OBM and here are coming in the next few weeks.

Speaking of speaking, it’s my intention to get to more events this year, as well as speak more. I attended two BarCamps in 2013, and spoke at one, five WordCamps and spoke at three (four if you count a panel moderation in Orlando), as well as a dozen or so meetups. I’d like to cross-pollinate with other tech and business groups in town more, and improve my presentation skills.

2014 is not just my year of authenticity, it’s also going to be my year of accountability, and getting stuff done. I’ve got a lot of promises to keep, and I intend on making good.