WordCamp Miami this year was a whirlwind of an experience for me. Three days, seven tracks, close to fifty speakers and over forty-two hours without sleep left quite the impression on me. New and old friends alike were seen, stories were shared and lessons were learned. I may have entered exhausted and done nothing but exacerbate that situation, but I left pumped and ready to plan WordCamp Orlando for the second year.

The first day of the conference actually occurred two weeks earlier, with a beginner workshop at Nova Southeastern University. There, myself and five other speakers went through a course on starting a website with WordPress, from registering a domain to making your first post and choosing themes and plugins. The turnout was excellent, and the attendees that I spoke with indicated that they had received valuable information while there. I also met the wonderful Ernie Hsiung, who offered up a free bed to crash on, which I gratefully accepted the second night of the conference proper. This extended into the second weekend, where I again helped at the beginner workshop before the official event. I missed BuddyCamp to help on this, but I look forward to catching those talks online. Continue reading “WordCamp Miami 2013 & My Lack of Sleep”