While the following post is geared more toward beginners, and not the standard fare for this blog, I’m working up a more basic talk for non-developers to give a jumping off point for what we actually do to someone that wants to make sense of a basic WordPress site theme. There is no way that this could be all-encompassing, but it should be enough to help someone get into trouble while looking at a website’s code.

Even advanced web developers will run across acronyms and terminology that baffle them on a regular basis, as well as programming languages that they’ve never even seen before, let alone mastered. It wasn’t so long ago that any developer out there couldn’t differentiate between the types of code that went in to running their sites and with new changes being made constantly, no one will ever know them all.

I’m going to briefly discuss what the differences are between PHP, HTML and CSS, which are the most common types of code that are used to make WordPress websites. I’ll also touch a bit on Javascript, as most websites are running several scripts minimum to help with tasks for each page.

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Batman on Desk
Batman is always prepared for the new year. And everything else.

The end of the year is here! Rather, by the time this is posted, the beginning of 2013 will be upon us. For the standard re-examination that comes with the conclusion of a calendar cycle, keep reading.

2012 was a time of many changes for me, both personal and professional. I’ve come to realize that I spend far too much of my time dreaming without doing, and an equally disproportionate amount of time being concerned with how others perceive me as opposed to how I perceive and treat myself. I think I’ve made some positive steps into making a happier year for myself and those around me. As always, it is those around me who have made me recognize that it is more about being a “Go-Giver” than a “Go-Getter”, since it returns in spades. A few thank you’s:

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