David Wolfpaw at the opening of WordCamp Orlando 2012I was one of the lead organizers of WordCamp Orlando, which was held on 1 December 2012. We ran a full day of WordPress developer and user networking, a full roster of distinguished speakers from the community who served both the novice and advanced users in their talks, and an overview of the platform and the forthcoming v3.5 release by one of the lead developers, Mark Jaquith.

My day began several hours before the actual event, full of restless sleep while I concerned myself over whether anything had been forgotten. This ended up being a waste, as the event went off nearly flawlessly. The other organizer, Gary, had double checked all of the specifics of the event, our two A/V techs, Jean and Billy, both had their things together and did a great job all day, and Carol, our volunteer coordinator arrived at the venue even earlier than I did with plenty of people to help us set up. Continue reading “WordCamp Orlando 2012 Writeup”