Yes, that title is grammatically correct.

While I don’t have the creation prowess of some people (even if that video includes instructions), I still love legos, and have since I was a child. The best part of any birthday or Christmas was the new model to put together.

When Lego Mindstorms came out I was lucky enough to get that and some of the expansions, furthering my creativity as well as gaining some valuable early lessons in programming logic through their simple drag-and-drop programming interface. This was also my first experience with Java, when I found an entire homebrew community online that used the IR reader that attached to the computer’s serial port to control their smartbricks. Continue reading “The Best Theme Park for Kids and Me: LegoLand”

I recently decided that my personal blog and portfolio needed a bit of a face lift. The website has had minor fixes added to patch holes, changed quickly in a moment of need, or left to flounder for months at a time. Rather than going in and getting it “just enough”, I decided to fully rethink the usage of, and design a new layout for it that suits those needs. Additionally, I wanted to make it a bit more accessible, as well as add some responsive layout to the design. Continue reading “The Process of Building a Responsive Portfolio Website – Part 1”